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9 Fun, Unusual Places and Activities You can Try with Your Partner

I wrote this blog post as an entry for a blog contest last Valentines. They are GREAT date ideas that you can do with your special someone you can do any time of the year. Enjoy!

Surging flower prices, love-themed TV commercials, and red-colored posts on my Facebook wall: there are no better indications that Valentines Day is almost here. Singles call it "Independence Day," but people in a relationship think of it as a special day to show their love and reserve it for their partner.

If you're like me and you're planning a date for V-day, you might be thinking of a hundred different things so you're not sure which one to go with. I was the same at first, but I looked at our situation and our individual hobbies to narrow down the list.

Now, I came up with a RAD Valentines Day to do list. It's going to be rad as in awesome for sure, but it's also an acronym that stands for Relaxation, Action, and Discovery.

Here are the details:

Relaxation Itineraries

I work in the BPO industry while she works in a Artists/Talents Agency. Needless to say, our schedules are not your normal 9-5 office jobs and it's a bit more stressing for us both. Sometimes, on our days off, I like giving her head massages in exchange for a back rub. Maybe this Valentines Day, we can go somewhere that will really help us de-stress. The ideas that I got are:

Ace Water Spa

I first heard about Ace Water Spa in a Facebook promo last year. Basically, it is an indoor water pool and relaxation facility that offers "hydrotherapy." I already have a thing for pools and swimming is already one of my relaxing activities since then. My girlfriend, on the other hand, is afraid of water. But she did seem to enjoy our last swimming trip so I think she'll be more receptive to trying out a water spa this Valentines.

ace water spa date with boyfriend girlfriend

With the use of showers, pools, and water jets, you can get a relaxing day just lazing around in the water or dipping in a Jacuzzi. It's almost like a do-it-yourself thing because you're the one choosing the facility you want to use. If you're interested in this spa, they are also connected to the Ace Hotel & Suites so you can complete your rest after your hydrotherapy.

Wensha Spa

wensha spa stone massage date ideas

Back in college, one of my friends mentioned a spa that also offers a buffet. It sounded a bit weird at first, mostly because I haven't encountered any establishment like that before. But it wasn't until recently that I realized how awesome that would be! After a quick Google search, I found Wensha Spa.

Instead of water doing the massaging, professional massage therapists will be the ones working on our aching muscles. The price is a bit steep at first glance, but there are enough positive reviews online to warrant a try. And then after a full body massage, we can just indulge ourselves in their Filipino, Chinese, and Italian eat-all-you-can. A very good combination, in my opinion.

Acupuncture (?)

If we're feeling a bit adventurous, we might go for an unlikely stress-relief method that involves needles piercing our body. I'm talking about acupuncture, and I didn't know that this thing is popular in the Philippines until I researched and found that there are at least three big acupuncture clinics near our area!

My girlfriend's bosses are actually patrons of this treatment and have suggested she try it if she's feeling stressed. I'm also curious about how it feels, even though I don't really like needles but hey! Maybe it could work for us, we will never know unless we try.

Action Itineraries

What faster way to fall in love than be together on an adventure?

I believe that thrilling dates are the best because it gives you a rush, and whoever is with you when you have that rush would feel very special to you. It helps you become closer to each other, so I also planned some ideas that will really make us move and feel the adrenaline.

ATV Adventures Rizal

credits to

This is a newly established tourist destination in the mountainous area of Rizal. Bikers and riders frequent this area because of the technical terrain that is perfect for cruising, and the view and fresh air helps attract these tourists as well. Now, we can rent an ATV or purchase a tour package so we can drive a quad bike on a forest or river trail!

I already know how to drive, and my girlfriend is eager to learn how to. Her interest started when I convinced her to drive a bump car (yes, the one in arcades) while I stay in the passenger seat to guide her. She had a lot of fun with that experience and even told me that she wants to learn how to drive a real car! Well, she might have to go through a driving school for that one first, but an ATV is something that you can pick up in minutes so I think we will both really enjoy this activity.

Breakout PH

We LOVE horror-thrillers. On weekends if we're not out on a date, I just go to their house bringing the latest horror titles or classic scary flicks. It's like we can feel what the main characters are feeling, and she get's really vocal when there is a chase scene or if somebody gets stuck in a room. She likes to say what the character should do and where he should go to and sometimes gets frustrated when the actors couldn't hear her.

Well, here's our chance to actually be in their shoes. Breakout puts the players in a locked room where they should solve puzzles and reveal the mystery to be able to free themselves. Their interactive games pressure the participants into draining their wits and really force them to cooperate to make it out of the room within the time limit. They also have a lot of scenarios to try out so you have a reason to go back. This Valentine's day could be our first Breakout experience. I wonder how it would fare out, if ever?

Trampoline Park (?)

When I attended a Christmas Party last year, I was given a gift voucher to the Trampoline Park Manila which is the first of its kind in the country. I'm pretty sure you know what a trampoline is; I commonly see it in movies and a lot of homes in the US seem to have it.

From what I hear, it's supposed to be a good workout, which is great because my girlfriend has been strongly encouraging me to lose weight lately. I think she'll be willing to accompany me and play around with his bouncing baby boy (haha, don't laugh).

Discovery Itineraries

Discovering something is another great feeling, and is magnified when you're with your favorite person in the world. There are a lot of places that help us learn new things about the world and about ourselves. These picks should also be awesome places to go on a date this coming hearts day.

Art in Island

credits to

My girlfriend is an art lover. I can see the sparkle in her eyes while checking out paintings or sculptures in the museums that we have visited before. One time, she told me of a museum with installations that makes it look as if you're part of the artwork. "Ain't that neat?" I thought to myself.

I think she'll be delighted to know that I found where this particular art gallery is located, and it's not as far as she thinks it is. Art in Island is dubbed the biggest of its kind in Asia and is home to eye-popping paintings and sculptures that are perfect backgrounds for a photo. An evening of playing around in a museum might just be the thing we need for our bonding.

Chinatown, Binondo

We were supposed to go here during the Chinese New Year but opted to not go because of forecasted heavy rains. Too bad because it was the sunniest day of January and we missed the celebration.

Perhaps, Cupid's Day would be the next best time to go to this small town in Manila. After all, red is a common color for the Chinese, which also happens to be the theme color of Valentines as well. There are a lot of historical places to visit in Binondo which is sure to interest my history-loving girl. Plus, there are so many foods to try out that one day might not be enough! I also want to try out a feng shui reading even if I don't really believe in it. Just for fun, you know?

Nayong Pilipino, Clark (?)

As previously mentioned, history is one of the interests of my girlfriend. So when she saw Nayong Pilipino on TV, she was raring to go there with me! To be honest, the premise of the place was quite attractive to me too. Famous landmarks and cultural icons can be seen inside the 6-hectare area, which should be very educational and enjoyable to see at the same time.

The entrance is a very affordable P30 for adults, so all I have to worry about is the fare, which I'm guessing would be in the thousands by plane. Hmmm... I think I'll save this itinerary for later because we are a little short on cash right now. But who knows? We might win the lottery and be able to fund this trip.

Love is the Greatest Force

These are the places and activities that I would love to experience with my one and only. We're not going to be trying out everything on this list; we might just pick one and focus or combine a few itineraries and see what we can fit in a day (and in our budgets).

If you still don't know where to go with your special someone, I hope you were able to pick a few ideas up with this post. How about you? How do you plan on spending Valentine's day with the person you love the most? Let's talk in the comments below!


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